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X Monster's Space

the not-so-simple simplicity

X Monster
16 March 1988
External Services:
  • xmonster1603@livejournal.com


Introduction comes first:

  • My LJ name is X Monster, my real Vietnamese name is Ly, English name is Alyssa, pick whatever you like. In case you don't like any, feel free to make up new ones for me, I'm a believer of the concept more nicknames, more friends.
  • Blood type is O, zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • It should be obvious by now that I'm from Vietnam, and I'm currently living there. If you don't know where it is, we have wikipedia. To summarize, my country is a place I'd recommend to anyone who'd love a nice and relaxing and cheap vacation. I live in Hanoi and I'm willing to be a tour guide.
  • My mother tongue is Vietnamese, second language is English, there's also Japanese, which I'm studying.
  • I'm currently a college student, studying some random stuff about money.

Some things more about my interests, because it's too much of a hassle to edit the interests part too.
  • I do like anime, and manga. Read a lot, watch a lot, all kind of genres.
  • I do like freaking people out. In fact I like this activity so much that most of my friends have got their chances to wonder why they are even friends with me. You have been warned!
  • Music. For the last 2 years or so I've been totally obsessed with J-pop. I do listen to English music though, when there're some things particularly good, or some things so particularly popular that I'd look like an idiot if I don't listen to them.
  • Favorites from J-pop in general and Johhnys in particular are Arashi & KAT-TUN.
  • I watch J-drama, a lot.
  • I listen to classical music, and enjoy all that I can understand with my limited knowledge.
  • Books. Yes I do read books besides manga. Favorite is The Lord of the Rings, and mostly all other works by Tolkien. Other favorite authors include Jack London, Mark Twain, and Kawabata Yasunari...
  • Sports. I love watching sports, even though playing any of them is beyond my ability. Most favorite is tennis, then soccer, then basketball, baseball, everything. Let's just announce the fact that I watched 28 over 28 sports contested in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, arguably because I had nothing better to do, and the events happened to be in a convenient time zone.

Time to talk about this LJ.

(I naturally call it my graphic journal because I intend to post all my graphic works here, mostly wallpapers, sometimes banners and icons. This journal is not gonna be regularly updated though, because I can only make graphics when I have ideas, and inspirations, both of which unfortunately don't like to visit me often.) <---- this was what originally intended for this LJ, but now it has walked down a rather new road, with my random translations added in. These translations are mostly lyrics & magazine articles.

All my graphic & most of my translation posts will not be friend-locked, so there's no need to friend me if you just want to take them. But I'm always happy to meet & get to know more people! If you friend me please drop me a line saying that you do, I'll definitely add you back.

Just like all graphic makers & translators around I love comments, really do. And you are cordially invited to criticize my works if you find them no good. Help me improve my works!

Credits are not quite necessary, but always nice. As for my graphics though, I hate seeing them modified without my consent, if you want to see some changes in the graphics, tell me and I'll try to fix them accordingly.

I do take requests, and will try to fulfill them all if I have time.

If you ever feel like getting to know more about me, I have a Facebook account on which I'm fairly active: http://www.facebook.com/xmonster.

That's it! Thank you very much if you actually had the patience to read until here! Hope you'll find some thing to your liking in my LJ.