X Monster (xmonster1603) wrote,
X Monster

Photos: Rainy Season

Having some free time this weekend, I decided to post something here to get this LJ out of the rust it has been left to stock up on since June.

It's the result of a photo shoot, or sort of a photo shoot, done on a whim (yeah, as if any of my photo shoots is actually not done on a whim). The crazy factor about it is that it was done right on the night before I took my ACCA exam. Oh, on the topic of ACCA exams, might I casually throw in the news that I have just passed 2 of my first papers? You would forgive me if I am being quite smug about having passed, because, really, recently my life has not been that bright, and I have to just get smug about any tiny bits of good news, lest I would end up feeling that living is way too dreary a business.

Now here you go, to the pictures. I have to warn you though, don't expect too much out if it, since, as said, it is done on a whim. What's worse, this time I did not just play the editor, I was also the model >///<

And a behind the scene pic, without all the emo factors:
Tags: graphic: edited photos

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