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X Monster
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Lyrics translation index




Will be updated in due time.


I cant find Smile - KATTUN here. Is it ok if I request it? Together with Genki, 20 thousands year old war, and Yuuki of Lands (Jin) :D
Thank you very much

um, request accepted. I'll see to those lyrics as soon as I have some free time :D

Thanks for these:)

But if it's ok with you, can I pls request Arashi's "Movin' On" lyrics.


hello~~ :D
I wanted to ask for your permission to translate some of KAT-TUN's lyrics into Hungarian. I'd credit you and link back to the original entry of course~
Thanks in advance and have a nice day :3

it's ok :D feel free to use them for reference. Just please remember that I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for those translations m(_ _)m

thank you :D