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Either that you have stumbled upon this strange page by chance, or that you have come here in a specific search for something, welcome!

I am X Monster, the owner of this journal, and thus far, here is the place where I post:
(1) various translations from various Japanese idol magazines. A full index of these can be found here.
(2) various graphics made from said magazines' scans and some manga/anime images. A full index of these can be found here.
(3) various lyrics from J-pop artists. A full index of these can be found here.
(4) general fangirling about Arashi and KAT-TUN.
(5) various accounts of the random events that happen in my not-too-peaceful life.

♪ Entries belonging to categories no.1 and 2 are not f-locked, and I don't ever intend to do so.
♪ Entries belonging to category no.3 are mostly open to public view. Some of them are locked though, because they also contain materials which coincide with category no.4 & 5.
♪ Entries belonging to categories no.4 and 5 are mostly f-locked.

So? If you just want to read the magazine translations and/or take the graphics, there's no need to add me. If you check the lyrics index and see something you want to access but can't because it's locked, you can drop me a PM saying so, and I'll either PM you the translation or unlock the post for a while.

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I do take requests for translations, but strictly limited to reading materials only, i.e. Japanese magazines/photobooks/etc. Lyrics are also okay, as long as I can find the original lyrics somewhere on the Internet (which I always do, don't worry). That's because while I have enough confidence in my Japanese reading skill, my listening is not that good, and I don't want to present you with inaccurate translations. If you have a request, you can leave a comment here or PM me. I'll try to fulfill all requests, but the time it'd take for each depends on the length of the translation and the amount of free time I have.

User manual?
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Cheers! :D

Photos: Rainy Season

Having some free time this weekend, I decided to post something here to get this LJ out of the rust it has been left to stock up on since June.

It's the result of a photo shoot, or sort of a photo shoot, done on a whim (yeah, as if any of my photo shoots is actually not done on a whim). The crazy factor about it is that it was done right on the night before I took my ACCA exam. Oh, on the topic of ACCA exams, might I casually throw in the news that I have just passed 2 of my first papers? You would forgive me if I am being quite smug about having passed, because, really, recently my life has not been that bright, and I have to just get smug about any tiny bits of good news, lest I would end up feeling that living is way too dreary a business.

Now here you go, to the pictures. I have to warn you though, don't expect too much out if it, since, as said, it is done on a whim. What's worse, this time I did not just play the editor, I was also the model >///<

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Lyrics & Translation: Zutto by Kamenashi Kazuya

I don't always update my LJ, but when I do, I make sure it's 3 or more posts in a row. Yeah.

Anyway, this is done on a request. And I must say, I'm impressed. A KAT-TUN lyrics (or a Johnnys lyric for that matter) without a single Engrish word? Wow, just wow!

And this lyric even has a bonus feature which I appreciate: it has a certain Bokura no Machi de vibe. Me like!

ずっと - Zutto
Artist: Kamenashi Kazuya
Track no.: 9
Album: CHAIN
Lyrics: t-oga
Music: Hiroshi Okazaki/t-oga

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Lyrics & Translation: LOCK ON by KAT-TUN

Not bad. A couple more songs like this produced and I might seriously consider visiting the fandom once in a while.

Something to put this lyric in context? Think of the hunter and his game, or to be more conventional, just think Twilight. Seriously.

Artist: KAT-TUN
Track no.: 1
Album: CHAIN
Lyrics: Sean-D
Music: Albi Albertsson

Here you go, the song.

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The Hi-I'm-Alive-and-Kicking post

Oh wow, the latest entry on this LJ is dated APR. 26TH, 2011. That's nearly one year ago, folks.

I'm honored if any of you actually still remember who I am, and I'm thrilled if any of you actually, in that nearly one year, was curious, and caring, enough to wonder where I have disappeared to.

So here's a post to prove that, yes, I'm still very much alive.

I have been busy with my job. Yeah, as I've proclaimed times and again, full-time employment sucks badly when it comes to my internet social life. My work keeps changing and changing and I'm caught in this never ending cycle of trying to get used to a new job and finally get used to it, only to find out that, soon, I'm going to be assigned yet another new job.

But I don't want to make this entry one full of complaints. So I'd better start getting on with the photos, because they will show you how I have been spending times recently, without bothering you with the dull details of my stressful professional life.

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Translation: 2011.06

The last update of this series (at least it is the last until the next issue comes out)

Jun and Aiba chan graced us with the manly (and lovely, I must say) photos, plus a hilarious talk of their idiotic manly sides, and an in-depth discussion on the masculine qualities of the other members.

Aiba Masaki X Matsumoto Jun

Vol.46 - 「The Manly Arashi」
Quietly drawing near the two who are having fun in this bar, we managed to catch a nice “men’s talk”!

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Image credit: masakitaisuki@sina

Next issue will be a 5/Arashi article!

Translation: 2011.05

I bring you another of the recent, not yet translated

And I've just realized that during my semi-hiatus, I've missed not 2, but as many as 3 of these issues, which means one more to be posted, soon (hopefully).

Ohno Satoshi X Aiba Masaki

Vol.45 – 「Radio’s Arashi」
A super rare talk in the radio booth. This special broadcast is about to go on air!

Photo: Only in Japan! 『FM』 is now opens ♪

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Image credit: masakitaisuki@sina

The talk next time will involve the two famous models Aiba chan and Jun, and it will be a talk of "manly Arashi". Look forward to it! I've got the scans at the ready, waiting to be translated here!

Translation: 2011.04

Oh wow, this certainly comes late, ahahahaha.

Enjoy Shou chan and Satoshi kun, warm and fuzzy, and a cute kitten.

Warning: if you find this talk sometimes incoherent, don't blame me, reality is as they so rightly put it: Under a kotatsu, rambling talk and dozing off are both inevitable.

Sakurai Shou X Ohno Satoshi

Vol.44 - 「Kotatsu’s Arashi」
It’s the time of kotatsu and little kitten. Let our hearts bathe in the warmth of this cozy talk ♥
(T/N: If you don’t know what a kotatsu is, you can (1) look at the picture for an illustration or (2) refer to the previous issue)

Ohno: This thing is impossible to get out of~ (laugh)!
I feel like taking a nap here already
Shou: Aa~, this is the warmth of happiness ♪
Kotatsu always makes you feel such peace

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Image credit: ANJ

The next issue features Riidaa, Aiba chan, and radio. I won't translate the preview though, because the latest issue has already come out, and I'll be translating that in a few days.